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Novel 3D imaging tech company PixQuanta signs key contract with European Space Agency

Posted on: 21 Sep 2020

Novel 3D imaging tech company PixQuanta signs key contract with European Space Agency

High-tech startup PixQuanta has announced a funded contract from the European Space Agency (ESA). The support provided by ESA will enable the cutting edge light sensing technology company to increase the market readiness of their novel 3D imaging solutions.

“We are delighted that ESA has awarded PixQuanta this contract to support the development and commercialisation of PixQuanta’s technology. ESA’s rigorous standards of evaluation validate the credibility of the technology to future investors and to the B2B marketplace,” commented Karl McGoldrick, PixQuanta Director and Deep Tech entrepreneur.

Peter Smyth, Commercial Director at Tyndall; Kevin O’Neill, CEO of PixQuanta; and Peter Finnegan, Manager,
ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland promote some of PixQuanta's medical, VR and automotive applications being commercialised under a new ESA contract.
Photo: Gerard McCarthy

“PixQuanta’s revolutionary light sensing technology offers major performance and cost saving benefits. Key markets are 3D consumer applications, such as depth sensing interactive augmented reality (AR). Additionally, PixQuanta’s technology is key for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for driving and parking in automotive applications, providing a crucial route to the holy grail of a safe autonomous vehicle,” explained Kevin O’Neill, CEO of PixQuanta.

“Our technology increases range and resolution while remaining eye-safe. For AR and ADAS, the crucial next step is to provide these range and resolution advances without sacrificing cost or power, and this is what PixQuanta’s technology will do.”

“PixQuanta’s technology has diverse applications across exciting, high-growth B2B markets,” expanded Peter Finnegan, Manager, ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland at Tyndall.

“In the MedTech sector, PixQuanta will enable ultra-low-dose x-ray imaging, reducing radiation exposure to the lowest possible physical limit. In the space market, the application potential for LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is enormous, from mapping space junk to rendezvous and docking.”

PixQuanta is a client of the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubator at Tyndall and has received support from both the ESA and Enterprise Ireland to develop their proprietary technology. Tony McDonald, Space Industry Programme Manager for Enterprise Ireland said, “There is a vibrant eco-system for deep-tech and high-tech spin-outs in Cork. PixQuanta is one of a growing number of highly innovative Irish technology companies in the region, and we’re delighted to see PixQuanta securing this ESA contract with the active support of Enterprise Ireland.”

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