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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities

If you are interested in the following Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities, please navigate through our current listed vacancies and submit your application following the instructions contained herein.

The following positions are now open at Tyndall:

Job Title


Job Ref # Closing Date Research Area
PhD- Laser dynamics in integrated photonics using quantum well intermixing FP-50 24/05/2024 Photonics
Masters by Research Fellowship: New Design & Integration Techniques for 6G RF Components and RF sub-systems DP-20 14/06/2024 MNS
PhD Researchers in PMIC Circuit Design for Real Time Control of Multi-Level and Multi-Stage Power Converters    SOD-14b 21/06/2024 MCCI
PhD Researchers in Terahertz transceivers for Imaging and sensing    VJ-01 31/05/2024 MCCI
PhD - Quantum technologies with advanced site-controlled quantum dot structures EP-30b 31/05/2024 Photonics


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