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Infrastructure Access


Tyndall National Institute engages with researchers in academia and industry in a wide range of ways and we can customise our interaction with you to best fit what access you require. The different access models include ‘direct contract research’ and also ‘collaborative partnerships’ in funded research programmes. Tyndall is involved in many national and European-funded programmes so please contact us and we can work with you to identify the best way we can work together.

Infrastructure Access

Tyndall is involved in several European projects that offer access to our expertise, advanced technologies, capabilities and infrastructure through a number of EU funded programmes:


Infrastructure Access

  • ASCENT enables free-of-charge access to nanoelectronics fabrication and characterisation infrastructure in Tyndall and our partners in imec (Belgium) and CEA-Leti (France).
  • ACTPHAST is a unique one-stop-shop solution for supporting photonics innovation in European SMEs and offers access to cutting edge technologies in Tyndall and 21 other partners across Europe.


Innovation Access

  • Gateone enables the faster adoption of Smart Technologies and Smart Systems by SMEs. The consortium involves leading research organisations from across Europe will develop smart systems technology demonstrators for use by SMEs.
  • SmarterSI gives SMEs smarter access to manufacturing in Tyndall and partner research organisations across Europe through combining technologies in a series of 8 application experiments proposed by SMEs.


Contact enquiry (at) tyndall (dot) ie for all Business Development enquiries

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