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Wireless Communications Laboratory

Tyndall’s Dublin-based Wireless Communications Laboratory addresses the fundamental research challenges in future wireless communication systems, with focus both on the classical communication topics RF, Access, and Protocols, as well as cross domain topics on AI and Quantum research, which will gain increasing importance in the future.

The resulting innovations will enable ultra-flexible, ultra-fast, and ultra-reliable low latency communication for next generation IoT communications, Wi-Fi, 5G, 6G and beyond - helping industry partners to innovate and create high value start-ups with global impact.

The Wireless Communications Research Laboratory is headed up by industry thought leader and acclaimed scientist Prof. Holger Claussen, along with Dr Lester Ho and Dr Senad Bulja. All three are former researchers with the prestigious multi award-winning Nokia Bell Labs Ireland, where they created the foundations for many of Nokia’s next generation products and pioneered Small Cell Networks, now a $6.7bn/a market. 

Enabled Alcatel-Lucent's first Femtocell (2009) and
key contributions to lightRadio (2011)
Key contributions to FutureCell (2016)

Wireless communications will be at the heart of the future economy, essential for many industries.

The Vision: To significantly improve wireless network capabilities.

The Mission: We will achieve significant wireless network improvements through specialisation and we will make this commercially feasible by creating a Hyper-flexible AI defined Network

Diverse applications require high flexibility in radio spectrum usage.
Hyper-flexible AI defined network can automatically adapt to extreme requirements. 

Research Focus

AI/ML based Radio Access Network will enable adapting to
the varying requirements of emerging AR/VR, IoT, and
Industry 4.0 applications. 

Example Projects


Drug Interdiction by Utilising Smart Drones

Smart drone with world-leading innovations

  • Fully autonomous operation in harsh weather with 800km range
  • Automatic flight plan and permissions for operation in civil airspace
  • Automatic creation of digital twin of survey area & AI based video analysis
  • Gigabit mm-wave communications & reliable low latency multi-connectivity
  • VR control enabling intuitive ‘human inthe loop’ high value decision making

Broadly applicable: search & rescue, monitoring of fisheries, agriculture, energy sector, climate change, coastal erosion.

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Automated Persistent Aerial Communication System

MISTRAL is creating world leading capability in the area of next generation autonomous drones for enabling reliable long range wireless communications coverage and RF sensing capability for the Irish Defence Forces.


Michael O'Shea 
Programme Manager, Wireless Communications Laboratory
Ph: +353 87 293 9619
E: michael.oshea (at) tyndall (dot) ie 

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