Deploy - Smart Catchment Demonstration - Long-term Deployment of Sensor Monitoring System

Microsystems - Wireless Sensing Systems

Objectives of Deploy

  • Demonstrate the State-of-the-art Technology for Environmental Monitoring in a river system over a one year deployment
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Reliability
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Versatility


This project is an important building block in the realization of wide area autonomous networks of sensors capable of monitoring the spatial and temporal distribution of important environmental target parameters as prioritized in the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

There are five demonstration sites that are based on the River Lee, which is a mid size river that flows through Ireland’s second largest city, Cork.

Deploy Stations LocationThe sites were designed to include monitoring stations in five zones considered typical of significant river systems. The sites are located near the source, in a reservoir, in the main channel of the river, adjacent to joining tributaries and finally in the estuary which is tidal and partially saline. The five fixed stations continuously collect water quality and environmental data, with readings taken every ten minutes.

Real-time data is available on the web since April 2009, demonstrating sensor network capability in collecting real-time water quality data and it is envisaged that the DEPLOY network can act as a test bed to implement and evaluate water quality monitoring systems and deployment infrastructure (wireless data transfer mechanisms, novel sensors, sensor interfacing etc.) required to meet the demands of the users.

Monitoring stations sites and real time data

Lee Maltings Deployment

  • Lee Maltings monitoring station: This monitoring station is located in the estuary and therefore is tidal and partially saline. Real time data and a full description of the site are available here.Lee Road Deployment
  • Lee Road monitoring station: located in the main channel, at short distance upstream of a weir that marks the upper end of the tidal zone and downstream the Inniscarra Dam. Real time data is available here.

Inniscarra Reservoir Deployment

  • Inniscarra Reservoir monitoring station: This station is a buoy located near the southern end of the reservoir a little more than 1Km upstream of Inniscarra Dam. Real-time data is available here.

Inniscarra Pumphouse Deployment

  • Inniscarra PumpHouse monitoring station: This station is located on there reservoir a little downstream of the data buoy station and almost 1Km upstream of the Inniscarra Dam. Real-time data is available here.

Gougane Barra Monitoring Station

  • Gougane Barra monitoring station: This station is near the source of the river Lee, a couple of Kms downstream of Gougane Lake but upstream of Ballingeary which is the first urban settlement on the Lee. Real-time data is available here.


There are four partners in the Project:

Funding agencies

The DEPLOY project is part funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the NDP STRIVE programme and is also supported by the Marine Institute.

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