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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Tyndall Quantum Computer Engineering Centre (QCEC)

Modern era technology has been built on our understanding of quantum effects: semiconductors, transistors, lasers, organic chemistry, magnetic resonance, etc. However, quantum mechanics is full of surprises and the underlying concepts are so unfamiliar to humankind that we have barely scratched the surface.

Tyndall’s pioneering embrace of next generation technology has profoundly impacted the semiconductor industry, optical communications networks, nano materials and more. Every day, in collaboration with a network of hundreds of industry partners worldwide, Tyndall is focused on delivering real impact from our excellence in research. And we never stop looking for what’s next.

The next great leap in technology is Quantum Computing, and we have already made a strong start at Tyndall. Today we have researchers developing the theories and computational models of tomorrow, producing the materials, engineering the devices and building applications to enable our quantum future.

Our strong IP portfolio has been established through targeted research in our core platforms of integrated photonics and semiconductor technology:

  • Enablers - new materials and nanofabrication, advanced characterisation, quantum visualisation and modelling;
  • Building Blocks – devices for qubit realisation, control and readout;
  • Interfaces – quantum control, quantum networks, cryo CMOS circuits and chip integration.

We are already beyond the cusp and well on the way for the next Quantum Revolution.

For Ireland to reap the benefit it needs to play a pivotal part in its realisation.

Tyndall, through deep-tech research and our ability to work from Atoms to Systems is establishing our Quantum Computer Engineering Centre (QCEC) to realise the revolutionary potential of quantum science, connecting the theory to engineering. We have the people, the technology enablers and the partners to spearhead Ireland’s place in delivering the impact of the Quantum Revolution.

Discover more about Tyndall QCEC as we share our Quantum vision at the formal Launch on May 13th.

This is a milestone step that will guide Ireland towards becoming the best place in the world to realise quantum computer engineering technologies, systems and applications. Building on the publication of our paper in 2019 “Positioning Ireland for the quantum opportunity”, which led to the establishment of a National Forum, endorsed by Science Foundation Ireland, this new centre will significantly leverage the Irish deep-tech industrial base and strong innovation culture.