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Smart Materials

The PiezoMEMS team is dedicated to developing smart materials for a wide range of applications.  Smart materials are materials that have at least one property that is altered by applying an external stimulus. Examples of some external stimuli include: temperature, pH, electric or magnetic fields, force, stress, light, ultrasound, or moisture. Our team is focuses on smart materials that can be integrated into a MEMS process to be used in various applications including energy harvesting, sensors, biomedical, actuators, transducers and many other applications.

The team specializes in piezoelectrics, but we also investigate other smart materials including permanent magnets, stimuli responsive hydrogels, and electroactive polymers. The majority of our efforts are focused on developing organic smart materials but we also develop inorganic materials. The key objective of the team is to develop methods to integrate the smart materials into a standard MEMS fabrication process. The team members have a diverse background which is used to develop the materials using nanotechnology, microfabrication techniques, chemistry, and material science.

After development of a smart material the team investigates various methods of exploiting the material so that it can be used in various MEMS devices. We develop a range of technology readiness materials ranging from novel smart materials to enhancement or optimization of commercially available materials. We partner with industries as well as academic institutions, and we are always looking to build future collaborations. 

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