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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities

If you are interested in the following Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities, please navigate through our current listed vacancies and submit your application following the instructions contained herein.

The following positions are now open at Tyndall:

Job Title Job Ref # Closing Date Research Area
PhD - Materials Theory IS-3 Ongoing Materials Theory
Phd/M.Eng.Sc - Electromagnetic Systems for Medical Applications PCM-2 Ongoing Strategic Programmes
PhD - Synthesis and Investigations of Multiferroic Thin Film Materials LK-01 Ongoing Materials & Devices
PhD - Widely Tuneable Lasers Integrated on Silicon Photonics Platforms BC-54 Ongoing III-V Materials & Devices
PhD - Ultra-Low Cost Burst Mode Coherent Transmission System with Digital Optical Bandwidth Interleaving Receiver PT-30 Ongoing Photonics

PhD – High Speed Externally Modulated Lasers for Integration with Silicon Photonics

FP-41 Ongoing Silicon Photonics

Masters – Processing development for Photonic Integrated Circuits

FP-40 Ongoing Photonic Integration
PhD - Photonic Quantum Technologies With Cluster States from Quantum Dots EP-20 Ongoing Photonics
Masters - Analogue Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits IOC-7 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
PhD Biophotonics SAE-4 Ongoing Biophotonics
PhD Fellowship Micropower-Nanomagnetics Group SR-14 Ongoing Nanomagnetics
PhD Microstructured, ultra-thin light emitting array technologies BC-50 Ongoing III-V Materials & Devices
PhD Mixed-Signal Design for the Internet of Things IOC-10 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
PhD Semiconductor Laser Sources for Optical Coherence Tomography TP-1 Ongoing Photonics
PhD PwrSoC POL - Point of Load Power Supply on Chip PMcC-14 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
PhD Theory of carrier transport in nitride-based heterostructures SS-3 Ongoing Photonics


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