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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities

If you are interested in the following Scholarship Postgraduate Opportunities, please navigate through our current listed vacancies and submit your application following the instructions contained herein.

The following positions are now open at Tyndall:

Job Title Job Ref # Closing Date Research Area

PhD: InGaN red-emitting microLEDs for AR/VR applications

ZL-01 Ongoing Photonics

PhD position in Integrated Magnetics 

RS-02 Ongoing MNS

PhD : Tunable 3D RF& mmWave RF systems

DP-17 Ongoing Advanced RF Technology

MSc (Chemistry)

EM-17 Ongoing MNS

PhD in wireless magnetic motion tracking systems

ALJ-01 Ongoing MNS
PhD in Theoretical modelling and simulations of quantum devices GF-12 Ongoing MNS
PhD in Wireless integrated circuits for Implantable Sensors DOH-13 Ongoing MCCI

Masters by Research Fellowship in RF acoustic MEMS/PiezoMEMS

DP-14 Ongoing Piezo MEMS
PhD Positions in Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics SAE-26 Ongoing Photonics

PhD in Sustainable/Reconfigurable IOT

BOF-92 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks

PhD - Quantum technologies with advanced site-controlled quantum dot structures

EP-30 Ongoing Photonics

Masters in Sensor interface integrated circuit design

DOH-20 Ongoing MCCI
PhD -Investigation of radio signal propagation modes inside the human body SB-02 Ongoing Wireless Communications
PhD Fellowship in “Micro-Nano-Magnetics for integrated device applications” SR-16 Ongoing Micro-Nano-Magnetics

PhD - Nonlinear wideband vibrational energy harvesting using novel MEMS/NEMS Electromagnetic/ magnetoelectric transducers for powering wireless sensors for IoT

SR-15 Ongoing Micro-power devices

PhD Scholarship in Precision Analogue Mixed-Signal Circuits

JM-03 Ongoing MCCI
PhD Scholarship in Analogue Mixed-Signal Design for Precision Circuits IOC-24 Ongoing MCCI


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