Nanotechnology Group

Nanotechnology Group, Summer 2011
Nanotechnology Group, Summer 2011

The essence of nanoscience and nanotechnology is the investigation and exploitation of novel properties, phenomena and processes, at length scales ranging from 0.2 nanometres (nm) to 100 nm. Our group focuses on development of methods for synthesis, fabrication, assembly and (opto-) electrical interfacing of nanoscale materials, structures and devices in order to exploit their unique properties within emerging ICT application areas.

Tremendous potential for development of new technologies exists through convergence of traditionally disparate disciplines at the nanoscale, e.g., chemical, physical and life sciences and also microelectronic engineering. Special emphasis is placed within the group on development of novel interdisciplinary methods for materials processing, device fabrication and integration. Examples include:

  • “Bottom-up” chemical synthesis of inorganic nanostructures, e.g., silicon nanocrystals and gold nanorods.
  • Controlled formation of nanostructure assemblies and networks via molecular recognition, e.g., for sensing of biological molecules.
  • Electrochemical sensing at nanoscale electrodes
  • Non-covalent functionalisation of graphene
  • Directed assembly of bottom-up nanostructures at contact electrodes fabricated using conventional “top-down” technology for development of hybrid devices with novel electrical or opto-electronic properties.
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