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Dr. Ningning Wang

Centre : Microsystems
Group : ICT for Energy Efficiency
Phone : 021-490 4418
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Research themes:

Ningning Wang received the BSEE and MSc degree in electrical engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China, in 1995 and 1998, respectively. In 2005, he received his Ph.D degree from University College Cork in the area of integrated magnetics for power supply on chip applications. He joined the Tyndall National Institute as a postdoctoral researcher in 2005 and was appointed as staff researcher in early 2008. Dr. Wang is a Principle Investigator in the technology development for integrated magnetics and capacitors for power supply on chip(PwrSoC) and data communication applications. His main research interests include: design, modelling and fabrication of integrated magnetics and capacitors, energy harvesting and power management for energy harvesting based autonomous sensor networks.

Research interests:

His current research interests include:

1. Design, modelling, and fabrication of integrated magnetic components, integrated capacitors

2. Electromagnetic modelling and simulation

3. Development of energy harvester based power management system for wireless sensor network applications

My publications

Advanced Processing for High Efficiency Inductors for 2.5D/3D Power Supply in Package

Smart Energy Management and Conversion

Copper Coil Deposition process and Effects of Winding Gaps on Micro-Inductor performance

Advances in Planar Coil Processing for Improved Micro-Inductor Performance

Super-capacitor and Thin Film Battery Hybrid Energy Storage for Energy Harvesting Applications

A rotating machine acoustic emission monitoring system powered by multi-source energy harvester 

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting for Building Energy Management Wireless Sensor Networks

Power management for sub-mW energy harvester with adaptive hybrid energy storage

PwrSoC (integration of micro-magnetic inductors/transformers with active semiconductors) for more than Moore technologies

Low loss magnetic thin films for off-line power conversion

Device Geometry Effects in an Integrated Power Microinductor With a Ni45Fe55 Enhancement Layer

An Improved Calculation of Copper Losses in Integrated Power Inductors on Silicon

Modeling and Pareto Optimization of Microfabricated Inductors for Power Supply on Chip

PwrSoC (integration of magnetic passives with active semiconductors) for More than Moore technologies

Thermoelectric Powered Autonomous Wireless Sensor for Temperature Measurement

Practical Wireless Sensor Networks Power Consumption Metrics for Building Energy Management Applications

Thermoelectric Powered Autonomous Wireless Sensor Module for Temperature Monitoring

Magnetic-Core and Air-Core Inductors on Silicon: A Performance Comparison to 100 MHz

Magnetic-Core and Air-Core Inductors on Silicon: A Performance Comparison up to 100 MHz

Electromagnetic generator for harvesting energy from human motion

Energy Harvesting System Design Model and Implementation

Energy Harvesting for Practical Deployment in Building Energy Management Applications

Hybrid Energy Storage for Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor Networks

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