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The €10 million IrelandQCI project aims to build a national quantum infrastructure for Ireland as part of DIGITAL Europe’s EuroQCI, an EU-wide quantum communications infrastructure programme. The overall goal is to secure critical infrastructure against the threat of cybersecurity attacks due to advances in quantum computing power. The aim of the IrelandQCI project, ‘Building a National Quantum Communication Infrastructure for Ireland’ is to integrate innovative and secure quantum devices and systems into Ireland’s conventional communication infrastructures. Researchers will do this by enhancing ESB Telecoms’ optical fibre network with an additional layer of security, all based on quantum physics, in particular quantum key distribution (QKD).  

In addition, the IrelandQCI consortium will also educate key stakeholders and the general public about the importance and relevance of quantum technology to our everyday lives and build the quantum workforce in Ireland to future-proof our networks through a series of lectures, training, workshops and visits to quantum technology laboratories. 

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