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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems



About Us: CMOS++ is a strategic research cluster established in 2020 and brings together over 15 Principal Investigators, aligning the research of their teams (over 40 researchers). The CMOS++ research programme aims at materials, emerging devices and architectures for information processing interfacing with CMOS and Beyond.

Research Challenge: Next generation information processing will demand scientific and technological paradigm shifts driven by need to achieve quantum advantage using solid-state platforms; low-power, energy-efficient, high-performance devices and architectures; increased functionality through advanced integration of a diverse range of materials and innovative technologies.

Our Vision: To enable deep-tech innovation for next generation and emerging technologies of information processing.

The CMOS++ Programme is organised around frontier research in enabling capabilities – theory & modelling, advanced characterisation, materials processing and device fabrication – applied to:

  • Quantum Platforms and Engineering
  • 3D Architectures for Neuromorphic Computing

Tyndall researchers within CMOS++ are in a unique position to realise such platforms and engage with industry to accelerate research path-finding and translate to innovations. Further details are available at

Contact: Giorgos Fagas PhD MBA is Head of the CMOS++ and EU Programmes and member of the Institute Leadership Team.