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VR Glove



As a result of over a decade of research and development at the Tyndall National Institute in the areas of flexible electronics, inertial sensing and application specific hardware/software embedded co-design, the WSN group has developed very accurate and sensitive glove technologies.

This project is about doing the work to commercialise the glove technology, which is still a research technology, as a shippable commercial Virtual Reality (VR) Glove that is integrated into the most popular development environment for VR developers – Unity3D.

VR Glove

In conjunction with industrial design experts and manufacturers of wearable technology, the ambition is to create an input device that transports your hands into the virtual world amplifying the immersive experience.

The glove is a state of the art motion capture and biomechanical modelling platform based on micro-electromechanical (MEMS) inertial sensor technology and high definition Haptic Feedback to provide the most advanced virtual reality experience.



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