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Tyndall National Institute is a partner in the EU-funded Gateone project which provides an innovation service to SMEs across Europe. Through Gateone SMEs can access product-ready technologies and an average of €50k in funding to help them bridge the gap from R&D to market-ready products.


The Gateone consortium involves research institutes from across Europe including France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, England and Finland. Gateone has a portfolio of over 200 new product concepts covering a diverse range of applications including pharmaceutical, medical devices, agri/food, sports/wellness, automotive and transport industries.


Tyndall has selected four of its key technology platforms to be part of the Gateone portfolio and all are supported by active research terms in these areas. The selected platforms are in wearable technologies, microneedle-based transdermal delivery systems, energy management systems and electrochemical sensors. We will work directly with the SME to understand their specific application and develop our prototypes to fit their needs.


Gateone gives a competitive advantage to SMEs through:

  • Access to technology with no investment risk
  • Access to competencies from leading European research centres
  • Access to a unique innovation network to enable industrialization of prototype solutions


For further information on this innovative programme please contact Thomas Healy or visit:

Contact enquiry (at) tyndall (dot) ie for all Business Development enquiries

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