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Nanostructured magnetic materials for micromagnetic devices

The rapid increase in the demand of consumer electronics is pushing electronic devices toward size miniaturization, increased efficiency and faster response with lower power consumption. The demand for more efficient as well as miniaturized high frequency spintronics based integrated passive circuit elements (micro-transformers, inductors, high density memory devices, etc.) poses a major challenge to the leading edge industries.

The most commonly used magnetic materials in ICT devices are ferromagnetic materials. Simultaneous development of new magnetic materials and the ability to control some of their key parameters are essential for more efficient device applications at low power. Bulk magnetic materials, magnetic thin films are well studied and being used in different ICT devices. Nano structured magnetic materials are recently being investigated due to their unique properties and promising application opportunities. Both the fundamental understanding and the potential for cutting edge applications are the main focus of our work.

Our group has extensively studied various patterned magnetic nanostructures, nanocomposite thin-films, nano wires, nano particles, etc. In-depth magnetic studies of such materials open up their prospect in micromagnetic device applications. We have been successfully demonstrated anisotropy control in magnetic nanostructure, tuneable exchange bias in composite materials, inverted hysteresis, etc. Various novel phenomena have been investigated in such materials.

(Left) Giant asymmetric exchange bias in BiFeO3-Bi2Fe4O9 nano composite due to ferromagnetic (FM)-super spin glass (SSG)-diluted antiferromagnet in a field (DAFF)- antiferromagnetic (AFM)  spin cpupling at the interface. (Right) STEM Strcutural analysis of NiFe magnetic thin film with disorder interface.


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