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Smart Systems Integration

Smart Systems are self-sufficient intelligent technical systems or subsystems with advanced functionality, enabled by underlying micro- nano- and bio-systems and other components.

They are able to sense, diagnose, describe, qualify and manage a given situation, their operation being further enhanced by their ability to mutually address, identify and work in consort with each other.

They are highly reliable, often miniaturised, networked, predictive and energy autonomous.

  • Smart Systems are autonomous or collaborative systems.
  • They bring together sensing, actuation and informatics / communications to help users or other systems perform a role.
  • By their very nature these systems combine functionalities.
  • They may extract multiple functionalities from a common set of parts, materials, or structures.

The Smart Systems Integration Team of the WSN design, develop and deploy end to end miniaturized, low power, modular, reconfigurable and robust solutions for a wide variety of applications. These applications spaces encompass:

  • Wearable Systems for Health and Fitness
  • Remote Environmental Monitoring
  • Building energy Management and Smart Spaces
Smart Systems Integration


How can Tyndall WSN work with you?

Tyndall WSN are happy to discuss your innovative idea with you and there are many ways of engaging with us. A summary of some of these methods and funding mechanisms can be found HERE

Tyndall WSN has an outstanding record of technology transfer and licensing to Industry. A list of these technologies can be found HERE.

Case studies of some of the Industrial applied projects the team have worked on where significant prototypes/demonstrators were developed for industrial partners can be seen HERE whereas a full history of current and completed projects within the WSN Group can be found HERE




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