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Smarter SI


Tyndall National Institute is a partner in the EU-funded Smarter-SI project that provides SMEs with easy access to advanced Smart Systems Integration (SSI) technologies. The project involves 7 RTOs and 8 companies from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and Ireland.


Smarter-SI will test a new concept for small lot production called the ‘Cooperative Foundry Concept’ in order to accelerate a wider deployment of SSI.  This concept will give SMEs greater access to prototype design and manufacturing, early validation and first production through a single access point.  Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) such as Tyndall have already developed components and parts of systems for SSI and the idea is to combine these ‘building blocks’ in to 11 Application Experiments (AEs) which are then available for use by SMEs.  For example, Tyndall technology is being integrated into an AE to develop a portable system for testing water quality.


Benefits to SMEs:

  • Rapid access to leading edge design, manufacturing and testing of Smart Systems
  • Easy access to the vast expertise in wide range of RTOs
  • Opportunity for small volume production which is not possible in a commercial foundry


For further information on this innovative programme please contact Patricia Vazquez or visit


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