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Tyndall Early Career Researchers’ Network (TEC-Net)

Our Vision:

Tyndall Early Career Researchers’ Network (TEC-Net) envisages to enhance both the research and business, potential and capabilities, of Tyndall early-career researchers by increasing the exchanging of ideas internally and with European peers. To learn more about TEC-Net activities, download their Annual Report 2022.

Early career researchers can be defined as:

Researchers in their first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research activity, including the period of research training.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to create opportunities to support the development of early career researchers in Tyndall by helping them to extend their professional network and gain new skills in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Benefits for Early Career Researchers:

Members of the Tyndall Early Career Researchers’ Network have access to the following:

  • Free membership for all Tyndall RAs, research engineers, post grads, postdocs and researchers who meet the “early” requirements
  • Custom support and advice for early career researchers
  • Tailored training for early career researchers
  • Organised events offering networking and social opportunities

About us:

TEC-Net is a newly launched network established by early-career researchers at Tyndall. The ultimate goal is to provide support and advice to other early career researchers at Tyndall through collaboration, networking, training and social opportunities.

TEC-Net is driven by a dedicated team of young researchers at Tyndall, who are working towards developing the most suitable opportunities to sharpen early-career researchers’ current skills and development of new expertise.

TEC-Net supports Tyndall’s 2025 goals of fostering future research leaders; building our talent pipeline; nurturing international thought leadership; and providing opportunities for collaboration.

Tyndall is a member of the Young European Associated Researchers network (YEAR). YEAR offers EU networking opportunities, social events, and training events focused on skills development initiatives applicable to a wide range of disciplines. 

Core Team