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High praise for ASCENT PhD Accelerator Programme

Posted on: 18 May 2018

High praise for ASCENT PhD Accelerator Programme

The ASCENT Programme at Tyndall successfully hosted six students for the PhD Accelerator Programme, entitled Nanoelectronics Fabrication and Characterisation, from 24th to 26th April 2018. Six attendees were selected from over forty applicants to the programme and travelled from various Institutes and countries across Europe.

This three day event incorporated both lectures and research laboratory visits for hands-on practical training on fabrication and characterisation of nanoelectronic technologies.

The topics covered included Nanofabrication, covering e-beam lithography, molecular doping, etching and metal/dielectric deposition in the nanoscale. Electrical characterisation covered on-wafer RF and DC probing and there were separate modules on optical and magnetic characterisation techniques. Physical techniques, including SEM, HR-TEM, FIB and AFM, were presented in the context of on-going nanoelectronics research.

The outcome from this new initiative has been more awareness of the opportunities of this programme and subsequent application to engage in the ASCENT project by PhD students. This will enhance their research and is fully funded through ASCENT.

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