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Tyndall Loves Early Career Researchers

Posted on: 14 Feb 2020

Tyndall Loves Early Career Researchers

Aimed at those young in their research careers (though not necessarily young in age), the newly launched Tyndall Early Career Researchers Network (Tyndall ECRN) is specifically aimed at supporting those who obtained their primary degree within the past 15 years, or those who are 10 years or less into their research careers. The network is looking to form a steering committee to formalise this initiative to support early career stage Tyndall researchers with collaboration, networking, training and social opportunities.

Tyndall ECRN is modelled on YEAR, the Young European Associated Researchers organisation, which Tyndall joined in 2019. YEAR offers EU networking opportunities, social events, and training events focused on skills development initiatives applicable to a wide range of disciplines.  On the 25th and 26th of March, 2020, YEAR is hosting “Presenting with Impact: Charismatic Speaking” in Leuven, Belgium. Following this, the YEAR Annual Conference will be hosted in Trondheim, Norway and the theme for this year’s event is “How to Build Your Profile as a Researcher.” In support of Tyndall ECRN, Tyndall will be sending delegates to both events. Travel and conference costs are covered by Tyndall, and applications will be open to all members of Tyndall ECRN. A call for Leuven will go out in mid February and the call for Trondheim will go out in early April.

Introduced by CEO William Scanlon at a packed event, Tyndall ECRN is a timely launch supporting Tyndall’s 2025 goals of fostering future research leaders; building our talent pipeline; nurturing international thought leadership; and providing opportunities for collaboration. Details of the programme were provided by Salvatore Tedesco, Senior Applications Engineer and Team Lead, Wireless Sensor Networks, MNS, who is also a board member at YEAR and the lead on Tyndall ECRN. 

All Tyndall RAs, research engineers, post grads, postdocs and researchers who meet the “early” requirements for Tyndall ECRN will automatically be eligible for free membership of the network and will receive information and calls via email. For more details please contact Salvatore Tedesco, MNS,